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It takes extraordinary strength to succeed in the metal distribution and fabrication industries. Is your software tough enough to handle it?


High-caliber, tougher-than-nails ERP software built with the strength to handle all your metal distribution and fabrication needs.

Capstone is the premier solution for improving
your operations and growing your business.

Forged from decades of working alongside metal service centers and fabricators, Capstone gives you the power to manage all your inventory, sales, and production efforts in real-time.

From accounting, inventory control, and demand forecasting to purchasing, sales, and CRM, our software was designed to improve efficiency, grow your business, and change the game.


Ready-to-Use Software

Our experience working with service centers and fabricators has helped us create applications built directly for your industry-specific needs. Capstone is flexible, and our expert team works with you every step of the way to provide the operational solutions you need from the moment the software is installed.

While Capstone was designed with the cloud in mind, our system will run just as well on a server that’s on your premises.


Check out some of our software’s most popular features and capabilities.


Fabrication Order System

Capstone will seamlessly handle all of your real-life production efforts from purchase to delivery. Whether it’s recurring production or a one-off fabrication order, Capstone has you covered.



Capstone includes standard reports delivered on screen in portable document format (PDF) and produces a wide variety of Microsoft Excel extracts. Capstone’s database—Microsoft SQL Server—is open to external queries, so you can produce your own dashboards, reports, and extracts using off-the-shelf applications like Microsoft’s Power BI or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SAP’s Crystal Server.


Demand Forecasting

Capstone includes a demand forecasting system that will give your purchasing department a better shot at ordering the right quantity the first time. Capstone also supports simple minimum and maximum quantity levels.


Remnant Tracking

Capstone allows you to track remnants. You decide what gets restocked and what gets scrapped. If the scrap quantity is large, you’ll be warned so that you can correct any data entry errors. Capstone capitalizes scrap loss.


Heat Traceability

This is a category-level setting in Capstone, which is nice if you don’t need heat traceability for everything you sell. Customers can be configured to receive a copy of the applicable test report(s) with shipment, via email, and/or via traditional mail. Capstone stores the original test report as well as an optional, redacted copy. Customers can be configured to receive redacted or original test reports..


Revenue Schedules

Capstone supports pre-defined schedules for delivery, processing, and skid revenue. Of course, Capstone also allows you to add revenue for special packaging, handling, etc. Additional revenue is transparently folded into the price that you quote your customer.


Customer Pricing

Flexible customer pricing, including the option to calculate the base price using the current average cost, replacement cost, or a discrete cost.


Multiple Branches & Warehouses

There’s no forced relationship between branches and warehouses. Warehouses can be owned by a branch or shared. In addition to standard warehouses, Capstone supports Consignment and Outside Processor type warehouses.


Tagged & Location-Only
Inventory Tracking

If you don’t require heat traceability for all of your inventory, Capstone supports what we call “location-only inventory”. All that Capstone can tell you about an item configured this way is the quantity on hand and the quantity available, after reservations, in one or more warehouse locations


Country Tracking

Country Tracking Capstone tracks the country that the material was mined, melted, manufactured, and fabricated in. If you don’t know where the material was mined or melted, you can select the fictitious country “Unknown”. If the material has never been fabricated, Capstone allows you to bypass the “Fabricated-In Country” field.


Material Labeling

Capstone is integrated with BarTender label design and printing software. Capstone produces both stock and shipping labels, with or without barcodes. BarTender allows you to design custom labels.


Customer Parts

Capstone supports both simple and complex customer parts. Capstone allows you to store the drawing file as well as the file that your customer sent you.


Random-Length Inventory

Capstone includes full support for random-length inventory. For example, Capstone will track the number of pieces and total number of feet in a random-length bundle of oilfield pipe.


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