Bayern Software



Bayern Software was founded in 1985. Our office is in Carmel, Indiana—just north of Indianapolis.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been developing ERP applications for your industry and are one of the select few development companies that build solutions that have been designed, from the ground up, for use by metal service centers and fabricators.

Equipped with decades of industry experience, you can rest assured we understand your industry—inside and out. Ask us what the difference is between actual and theoretical weight, and we can tell you. Ask us what the density is of carbon steel, and we can tell you. Ask us how to compute yield when converting coil to sheet, and we can tell you that, too! Seriously, just ask us, and you will realize that we really do understand the nuances of your industry, and for that, there truly is no substitute.

In fact, each year hundreds of companies use our applications to process more than three million sales orders - a true testament to the power of our software.

Ready to see what difference years of industry experience makes when it comes to ERP software?

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